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Tipperary Yoga & Meditation Centre

Rosnacananee Drombane, Thurles, County Tipperary, E41 V3KO  (Show me directions)

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Tipperary Yoga Centre

Tipperary Yoga Centre is a purpose built retreat space in the Drombane hills, offering a variety of classes, weekend programs, residential retreats and customized personal retreats. It was founded in 2006, as a place to learn and practice classical yoga in its many forms.

Yoga is a method of personal transformation towards optimum health, a clear focused mind and a greater appreciation of all that is within and around us.

The emphasis of most classes is on deep relaxation and developing awareness (mindfulness), in the tradition of the Bihar School of Yoga, India.

The Teachers

Sangita & Sanyam, are dedicated yoga practitioners who strive to live a yogic lifestyle fulltime. They have trained with some of the world's most respected yogis and convey an authentic vision of yoga in their classes, while simultaneously making it accessible to all.

They offer a variety of classes, weekend programs, residential retreats and customized personal retreats from their centre in Drombane, Co. Tipperary.

Sangita & Sanyam also teach privately, in schools, day care centres and in association with the Etb. Collectively, they have 45 years of yoga experience, with over 30 years teaching between them. Yoga is their passion and way of life, which they warmly invite you to experience.

What is Yoga?

"Yoga is the art and science of living" - Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Yoga is generally perceived as an activity for stretching the body and relaxing the mind, this is true, and these are valid aspects, but yoga has much more to offer. Yoga is based on a very old and deep tradition, which involves the systematic development of the whole personality resulting in a more balanced happier human being.

"Yoga is an ancient system of philosophy, lifestyle and techniques, that evolves the whole person; the physical, the vitality, the mind and emotions, wisdom, ethics and a higher quality of relationships and the realization of the spiritual reality in each of us." - Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh described yoga as an "integration and harmony between head, heart and hands, expressed through thought, word and deed".


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Meditation class

There are few places in our world where it is possible to be still, really still. Tipperary Yoga Centre is one of those rare places that your heart longs to find. It may be for Yoga, meditation or chanting, whatever your reason for attending, you can be assured of Atmasangita and Sanyamatma's consistent care, kindness and consideration to all that attend. This has been my own personal experience for the past two years.

mary on 9 February 2017

Yoga classes

Over the years I have attempted to practice yoga, be it from a book, a vcr, a cd or even youtube;
I now realise that to learn yoga you need a qualified trained instructor, which is what I found when I joined Sanyam's class two years ago. Sanyam has lead my class from the beginning and has patiently lead us through gentle poses, gradually increasing the intensity and complexity of the pose; teaching us to focus on the breath and being aware of how we feel during & after each posture.
Yoga nidra which is practiced at the end of class has brought about a sense of awareness of my body and a calmer and more focused mind.

Yoga truly is a blessing in my life and brings joy, regardless of your age, level of fitness or lifestyle.

I cannot recommend Tipperary Yoga centre highly enough, it is a truly peaceful and relaxing space to learn in and the teachers are skilful, very focused and create a relaxed atmosphere with a natural flow embellished with a gentle sense of humour.

Margaret on 9 February 2017

Meditation class

I have been attending weekly meditation classes every Monday evening in Drumbane for the last 6/7 years and hopefully will continue to do so. Meditation is now part of my everyday life. Meditation helps me live a life of greater awareness and insight. It also helps me live in harmony with myself, my family and with the world.

Thank you Sangita and Sanyam.

Thérése on 9 February 2017

Yoga class

I first began attending the Tipperary Yoga Centre in January 2013 - having Sangita & Sanyam as Yoga teachers. Both allow you to feel very welcome and they give very clear guidance relating to the process. I really enjoy the space in Drombane. The room is comfortable, cosy and has great energy. The type of Yoga involves meditation along with poses which progress from week to week. Both the meditation and poses are very calming, sometimes challenging and they certainly de-clutter my mind. I feel revived and centred on the drive home. I look forward to Yoga each week, and yearn for it if I miss a session. During the 90 minutes, I feel as though I am really giving myself time for me.

Thank you Sangita & Sanyam.

Áine on 9 February 2017

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