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Leir Language Academy

18 Eyre Street, Newbridge, County Kildare,  (Show me directions)

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English for Au-Pairs and all....

English for Au-Pairs and all....

Our English for Au-pairs and all... program is specifically designed for Au-pairs to help them gain the confidence to hold any conversation about any subject in a fun, friendly and informative way. In Newbridge and in Kildare County we a lucky to have such a diverse range of different nationalities bringing with them their culture, views and personality.

Of course, with diversity and different nationalities does come issues of language, integration and communication and this is how we at Leir Education can help. We don't only educate for the purpose of sitting examinations, we also place great emphases on the ability of being able to hold a conversation, to talk with confidence, to be understood and understand in equal measure.

Spanish for Juniors

Children can be like sponges, and in a modern world the use and knowledge of other languages is growing, and very quickly speaking an other language on a daily basis has now become the norm, rather then exception. Educate your children early with our Spanish for Juniors and they will benefit for life!

Classes are taught by a native Spanish speaker using tailored methods of education which children react to very positively where music, song, dance and theater play a vital role in each child's development and understanding. The use of visual and audio has long been proven to enhance the learning capabilities while maintaining the key elements of fun and curiosity!

- Classes are suitable for both boys and girls
- Ages range from 4 - 8 & 9 - 12
- All levels and abilities are welcomed

Classes and Programs

Below is a brief list of what we do!

- Spanish for Adults, Teens and Children
- Italian for Adults, Teens and Children
- English for Au-Pairs and all
- Grinds and Exam preparation

All levels catered for!

Leir Language Academy is the local 'Language School' and head office of Leir Education where we....

Providing a stimulating & rewarding learning experience for Spanish and now Italian Students who wish to improve or learn English in Ireland. We provide various programs through-out the summer months and the academic year for groups and individuals starting from 11 years right up to adults.

As part of our extensive language programs and courses we also offer through our subsidiary school the 'Leir Language Academy' which is based in the same building as our head office in Newbridge, Co. Kildare here we provide our English, Spanish & Italian courses and manage our Academic and Summer camps.


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